The EPS Story

sampleimgE.P.S was established in 1991 and is a whole Australian owned business situated in Welshpool, Western Australia, 20 minutes from Perth and the Airport.

The company was formed to address a growing need for an independent supplier of quality Electrical Switchgear and accessories. Steady growth has enabled E.P.S. to build up a good complimentary range of products.
Quality products at competitive rices and adequate stockholdings are our key.

The two main products are Controls & Switchgear Contactors, and CVS metal closures.

E.P.S. is proud to be the Australian Distributor for both of these companies.

C&S Switchgear Contactors cover from 9 amp – 800 amp, in two ranges (“T”, “F”) which includes starters, overloads, accessories and spare parts.

C&S began producing the contactor ranges in a 50/50 joint venture with a large French Switchgear manufacturer which continued for 21 years. At the end of this term, C&S bought the partners shares and continued with the business of further testing and improving the original products to a higher level.

C&S Switchgear is now sold in 73 countries, including developed markets like Europe, North America, Korea and Japan, something that is a record in our industry considering that C&S s not a large multinational.

E.P.S. gives a warranty of 2 years on Controls & Switchgear Contactors.

CVS Heavy Duty Metal Enclosures; this range includes Powder Coated MS IP65 wall mount, IP55 Floor Standing Industrial, IP55 FLoor Standing Modular Systems, IP65 stainless steel (304 and 316) wall mount, IP66 Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes. New additions are a range of GRP chemical proof enclosures, and a range of Modular Chassis which make DIY distribution boards so easy.

Accessories include Canopies, Plinths, Inner doors and fan Filter Systems.

CVS has proven to be a reliable and flexible manufacturer producing top quality products, and able to ship large orders very quickly. Their support has enabled E.P.S. to penetrate into a difficult market with confidence.

CVS will produce enclosures in special format and colours for OEM’s.