High Voltage Insulators

Australian Made Compression Moulded Glass Reinforced Polyester Material

High Voltage stand-off insulators

    • High Dielectric Strength
    • Arc Quenching and Non Tracking
    • Non Flammable
    • Wear and Corrosion Resistant
    • Chemical and Oil Resistant
Product Code: N/A


High Voltage Insulators: Body: Glass reinforced polyester dough moulding compound manufactured in Australia.

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Moulded-in Brass Inserts
  • Metric & Imperial Thread Sizes
  • Quality Finish and Appearance

Tests: Torque– The Insulator was attached to a test block and a torque applied to the opposite end. IMPACT– A special test device was installed to test the impact values of the insulators. Each insulator was attached in a horizontal position to a test base by  one end. An impact was applied to a fitting attached to the opposite end of the Insulator. GENERAL– The test carried out attempts to simulate the type of forces operating on an insulator(s) subjected to short circuit conditions which could apply to installations in normal industrial use. Test figures appearing on this page are the result of tests on random samples and are intended for guidance only. Since the condition of installation can vary and are beyond our control, no warranty implied is given.