Industrial Extension Sockets


  • All extension sockets are available with 3 flat pin 10A and 15A, 3 round pin 20A and 32A, 4 round pin 10A, 20A and 32A, and 5 round pin 10A, 20A, 32A, and 50A.
  • Rated Voltage: 250, 500

Compatible accessories:  

Product Code: N/A


Single and Three Phase Extension Socket / Appliance Connector is an important design breakthrough. Now there is a common unit for both cord extension socket and appliance connector applications.

All connectors have impact resistant, UV stabilised mouldings.(UV.VO material) The IP66 rating can be achieved when extension socket / connectors are used in conjunction with compatible accessories such as Industrial Straight Plugs and Industrial Angled Plugs.

IP66 rated units feature a hose proof cap which maintains the international protection rating when the accessory is not being used.